Steps for Successful Home Remodeling


You are going to remodel your home for which you are regularly reading and seeing those magazines which are for home remodeling. Watching shows of TV which are for remodeling of homes and many more but still you are unable to reach to decision for your home remodeling. Although it looks difficult but still remodeling your home is much easy rewarding and exciting. There are some simple steps, which you have to consider during you home remodeling. These steps are as below: First thing which you have to consider during remodeling of your home is design of your home. After seeing the design now think that what you want to remodel. Are you thinking about adding just a bookshelf for want to paint your whole home or even you want to add a complete new room in your home? After deciding your remodeling now take look of your home that how it is looking now and after adding or removing something from it which look you would like to give it or how it will look better than before. Therefore, you consider all possible design, which are possible for your home remodeling. For any major change into your home you need building on sent. For this purpose, you have to visit your local union council and have to fill an application form there. Before going to building consent and its application, it is necessary that you ask your council for a Project Information Memorandum. You also must discuss all things with your contractor who is responsible for applying different kind of building consents. Although you must have knowledge about little things like buts and bolts. However it is impossible for you to take a big project single handedly. If you want that remodeling of your home finish on time with best and good looking results then you must hire a contractor for this purpose. Make sure that you have checked all credentials of contractor and also have talked to his/her previous customers for references which have hired him/her. After hiring of a contractor schedule a meeting with him/her and tell all your plans and ideas which you have for the renovation of your home and make final decision about your home remodeling. Although your ideas many be exiting and good looking however it is better that you listen ideas and suggestions of your contractor. Your contractor has more knowledge than you about remodeling of homes therefore he/she knows better that which thing is better to do and which one is not better. Your contractor can also help you to decide that which project you start first, which thing you add or remove and which part you renovate and which one left as it is. Your contractor will also give you an estimate about total cost of the project as well time which project will take to complete. So now if you are ready to remodel or renew your home, simply follow these steps for successful remodeling which is according to your desire.

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How to Use Other People’s Money for Your Business

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” –
P.T. Barnum

John Ray, the famous 17th century author, was known to have
written the aphorism, “Money begets money.” In the
business world, I’m sure you’ve also heard the saying,
“You’ve got to have money to make money.”

There are countless sources of cash, but by far, the best
one to utilize for your business is … other people’s

Perhaps one of the greatest “secrets” of the richest people
in the world is summed up in those 3 words: Other People’s
Money – OPM for short. If you took a cross-section of
the most affluent business people, you’ll find that the
majority of them launched their fortunes using OPM. In the
next few minutes, I will show you how you can obtain other
people’s money for your business. What you do with the
money, however, is up to you – but if I were you, I’d take
P.T. Barnum’s advice, and make money your servant so that
you, too, you can make your own fortune.

The use of other people’s money has become such an ethical
and acceptable mainstay in business because one can
leverage other people’s money to your benefit.

For example, you can leverage borrowed money into
high-yield investment programs that could generate a return
that would then pay back your lender and line your pockets
as well. Or you can leverage borrowed money into
asset-producing or income-generating real property. Or you
can simply borrow money to start or grow your business.

The benefits to using OPM are obvious: 1) When you use
other people’s money, especially within the parameters of a
corporation, your debt is assigned to your business, and
your debtors can make no claims against your personal
finances; and 2) the infusion of cash allows you to have
money to make money for your business.

Of course, even with the proliferation of lending
institutions and venture capitalists, it is often difficult
to obtain other people’s money.

Well, since Wall Street Journal has kindly called me a man
who “finds answers in unlikely places,” I’m going to reveal
an unlikely place where you can obtain other people’s
money. This one is available to all, and yet very few ever
take advantage of it. It’s the federal government.

I’ve coined a phrase for this source of money: I call it
“other taxpayers’ money” – OTM for short. The federal
government has millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money
allocated to funding businesses like yours.

Here are a few great sources of OTM:

1) If you want to get training and/or money to start your
own business, millions of dollars are available at They’ll also show you how to find alternative
sources of financing, how to protect your invention, how to
sell your idea, how to license your product, how to write
legal contracts, how to sell overseas, and how to buy
business equipment.

2) If you want money to export and sell products to
foreign countries, you can obtain it from the Export-Import
Bank of the United States at Or you can go
to The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) at

3) If you want to obtain government contracts, then access
the Procurement Assistance Offices online. Here, you’ll
learn how to draw up a business plan that’ll get your
business noticed. They can match the product or service
you’re selling with the appropriate agency, and then help
you market to them more effectively. You can find these
programs at

4) If you need venture capital for a new or existing
business, then you need to go online and access the Small
Business Investment Company (SBIC). These are
privately-organized and privately-managed investment firms
that are licensed by the Small Business Administration
(SBA). With their own capital and with funds borrowed at
favorable rates through the federal government, SBICs
provide venture capital to small independent businesses,
both new and established. You can access them at

5) If you need free help or want to learn how to do your
own personal or business taxes? All you have to do is

You can also obtain a free 26-page book on the Internet
called The Credit Process: A Guide for Small Business
Owners. It’s written for small business owners seeking
financing for the first time. It covers sources and types
of financing; funding resources; preparation of a business
plan; preparation of loan applications; and action to take
if a loan is denied. It also contains an especially useful
and comprehensive glossary of finance terms, agenciesFind Article, and
fair lending regulations.

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The latest innovations India news channels have made


The past records very clearly show that India is a country where in anything can happen any time! The earthshaking and epoch-making terror attacks of 2011 are one such example. These kinds of occurrences have made it very crucial and important for Indian citizens to update themselves and be aware about the latest news India. In India news channels have made a lot of advancements in terms of visuals, reports, surveys almost everything. This makes it more interesting for the viewers to catch up on the news and events. Citizens are generating a sense of responsibility towards their nation and are realizing the worth of their Right to Knowledge. They are keen on knowing the latest news related to India and want to educate and update themselves with the issues of the nation. The latest news India TV channels show is hot off the press. It is the most latest, recent and breaking news India. Indian news channels have advanced up to such an extent that they not only show news updates but also entertain us with celebrity gossips, sports related news, beauty tips, health and wellness tips, etc. However, sometimes India news channels and websites show even the minutest and the most insignificant events of the nation as breaking news India. They make a big issue and matter of such events by giving it undue importance. This is highly unacceptable annoying to the viewers. There have been times when these news channels show the lives of a celebrity; their posh living which misleads the public especially children because they too feel like living a lavish and luxurious life like these film stars which their families can’t afford. Also, these news channels need to realize that they should focus on issues of national importance like poverty, corruption, dowry, etc which will make the citizens aware of what their rights and duties are instead of showing baseless insignificant and unwanted issues. No doubt TV India news channels have made a lot of progress throughout the years and have reached the masses of every corner of the nation, it should be taken note of that they don’t misguide the public and lead them astray. People should be entertained but there should be a limit to it. The main aim of these news channels should be to create an awakening among the people and make them aware of the current events and happenings.

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Home Improvement Increases Value


Doing simple home improvement task can greatly change the value of your house. You may spend less time on the market for sale if you take the time now to do a few renovations or improvements. The key here is to not think too extravagant because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Think small improvements for a big payoff.One thing that you can do to dramatically increase the value of your house is switch from carpet to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are extremely popular among homebuyers right now. You will be able to tap into a larger market by switching even just one room from carpet to hardwood. This is a project that you can do yourself with a little research. You will need to look into getting the right tools to rip up carpet and carpet nails. If there are original hardwood floors underneath the carpet, your job may become a little bit eaiser. Although you will have to spend money to lift up any sticky residue left by years of carpet mats, you will You will also need to plan for cleaning any stains left behind on the original floors. After you have cared for those stains, you can easily repair, oil and wax the original floor to make it extremely attractive. Of course, if there aren’t hardwood floors underneath the carpet, then your home improvement project may be a little more complicated and a bit more expensive. However, consider the investment worth it, because you will be able to more easily seel the house once it is on market. Before pulling up the carpet and padding, you will want to research the kinds of flooring styles you will want to use as replacement. You may be able to cheat and find a lower cost laminate or hardwood floor like product. Again, though, consider the potential buyers and what they might want in a home. If you think that you can easily sell it regardless of the quality of the replacement floor, you are welcome to take that option. However, the more you invest the greater the value may become. You may want to consider green improvements when looking at hardwood floors or other upgrades. Sustainable and environmentally friendly products are extremely popular in today’s market. People are looking for homes with a certain air of responsibility. For example, you could consider replacing your carpets with bamboo flooring rather than hardwood. Bamboo is popular because of its sustainability and durability. It is an extremely environmentally friendly flooring product. There are other home improvement projects you can do to help raise the value of your home. Look into re-staining woodwork, replacing windows and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint in a trendy color. Sometimes people need to see the potential of a house in order to see them selves living in it. A home improvement may be able to increase the value of your house.

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Five guidelines on how you can get the most of your Cleaning Company in London

If you have decided to book an expert Cleaning Company in London, you’ve made the best choice. Such agencies offer cleaning services for your peace of mind. You eliminate the urgency to deal with all the hassle that comes with cleaning your home or office. These businesses have the best machines and they’re properly trained to deal with any cleaning task. Here are some tips on how to get the most from your cleaning agency.

1. Do some cleaning on your own

This tip might sound silly and counter intuitive. After all, you’re hiring specialist cleaners to do the job for you, right? But most cleaning companies specialize in deep cleaning services. These normally include removing stains from countertops, deodorizing your house, etc. Of course, they can throw out the piles of trash and even place your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. But these are tasks you can do alone. By doing the simple tasks, you allow the cleaners to concentrate their energy and time on the more in depth cleaning tasks.

2. Provide exact instructions

This has to be done before the cleaners even come to your house. When talking to the representative of the cleaning firm, make sure you specify what you are expecting from the service. If the cleaners know exactly what you’re expecting from the service, they will have time to prepare the required equipment. This helps to save time and the cleaners will know what they need to do when they come to your house or office.

3. Respect the workers

When dealing with expert cleaners, treating them with respect makes them feel welcomed and appreciated. Appreciate their requirements and provide help where necessary. For instance, you could help by reaching for tools, or by giving them food and water.

4. Watch the workers

Many cleaning companies ensure that their workers have no criminal record, but it helps to be careful. It is a safe practice to keep your valuables in a secure place. Furthermore, try to observe the cleaners work and find out if they have forgotten anything.

5. Establish your financial budget beforehand

Different cleaners are experts in different types of cleaning services. That means, if you want to hire numerous services, you might have to spend extra money. Nevertheless, often you could save money by hiring more than one type of service. That is why it’s recommended for you to define your spending budget before you book cleaning services. Make sure you discuss this with the cleaning agency so that you know what to anticipate and how to organize yourself for the service.

These guidelines will help you have a smooth working relationship with the cleaning agency you employ. Keep these tips in mind to avoid problems and to get your money’s value.

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What Frogs And Soap Can Do For Your Business!

Ideas, ideas, ideas – the lifeblood of any business. Stay in
one position too long and you are dead! Today’s market place
requires constant change, new angles, different products,
fresh presentations, original advertising slogans. In short
it requires business creativity. It requires creativity in
advertising. But how do you get them?

You can spend thousands of dollars paying the pros to
deliver slick advertising slogans. You can pay web site
designer generous fees for original designs. But how many
small business owners have that kind of budget? The
alternative is to use an extremely valuable piece of
apparatus which right now is as close to you as close can
be. What? Your brain!

The human brain is a constant source of amazement to
scientists. Each of the 10 billion neurons has a possibility
of making connections to the number of 1 with 28 zeros after
it. So the total number of connections which can be made
through electro-chemical processes is pretty well limitless.
Regular thought patterns form channels in the mind, much
like a path formed through frequent pedestrian traffic
across a field. This has benefits. We don’t have to
deliberate about every minor decision every day. However,
there is a danger! If our thinking falls into ruts when
considering important areas of our lives and business, our
creativity is stifled.

The good news is this: You do not have to be a genius to
come up with creative ideas, break out of the rut and start
thinking “outside the box”. You just need to kick start your
brain by providing outside stimuli to get it to think in
ways it hasn’t before. This can be accomplished by
associating totally unrelated subjects together and
observing what reactions come from the fusion!

This method, applied to our business can be a fertile source
of ideas. Let’s do a little exercise to illustrate.
Supposing you need fresh ideas, words, phrases, for an
advertising campaign.

Choose any word at random. For the exercise we will use the
word FROG. Even better, get a picture of one. Now start
writing furiously on a clear sheet of paper anything and
everything that comes into your mind to do with frogs.

Here goes:

green, slimy, jump, legs, leap, croak, tad poles,
metamorphosis, reeds, water, bull, tree, wide-mouth, eyes,
smell, slippery, cold, kermit, spawn, eggs, jelly.

Take one of those words and explore further if you wish:

Legs – long, jointed, tasty, delicacy, spring, fold.

Mind Mapping is an excellent tool for this kind of exercise.
Review the mind mapping handbook here:
(Book review:

Now you look at your advertising subject. Are you selling
software? Then start making some connections:

Leap frog your business with ——-
Jump ahead of the competition with ————-
Blow your competition out of the water with —–
Spring load your business using —————–
STOP business slipping through your fingers with this!

Just keep on cranking out phrases until you have a
heap. Then? Boil them all down to the best ten, best five.
Then start testing them until you find the winner! OK, so
most of them will bomb! But then again, one, and you only
need one, could just skyrocket! Often it happens without any
logical explanation. Sometimes you come up with a real slick
idea which gets nowhere. Other times a seemingly mediocre
slogan takes off! Can anyone explain that? No. So testing
is essential to success.

Let’s take another direction and apply the same idea to
web site design. Do you want to change the look of your
site? Do you have reasonable computer skills so you can save
yourself a large fee and at the same time produce a
professional looking site? Good. But what theme to use? How
can you be different?

Take another word at random, SOAP, or again a picture if
you have one from a glossy magazine. Let’s start listing
every word we can think of to do with soap:

Flakes, scent, pink, white, marble, skin, bubbles,
soft, round, square, gentle, perfume, liquid, toilet,
bathroom, sink, bottle, creamy, model, block, water, wash,
towel, bar.

Now, do any of those words give you ideas for
texture, color, shape? For an interesting navigation bar,
could you incorporate some different shapes based on bars of

The idea of bubbles has much potential. Links in
bubbles, different size bubbles according to importance of
the link. Could an attractive picture of a model help
present a feature of the site? Could a liquid dispenser
bottle be used in a graphic in some way?

After thinking carefully on these lines you could come
up with a very original, slick, attractive design for a
web site or whatever project you are working on.

So back to our title – What Frogs and Soap Can Do For
Your Business! NoBusiness Management Articles, these are not the ramblings of a crank!
These ideas are used by big companies who have millions of
dollars set aside for advertising. Check out for yourself a
book full of resources on business creativity and creativity
in advertising. – Jump Start Your Brain
(Book review:

Why not mimic the big boys and do a little creative thinking
yourself? Sit down with a sheet of paper and turn on that
amazing thinking apparatus between the ears – your brain!

You will be amazed at the effect on your business!

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Small Business Loan Options

To sort this mess out lets take a look at the various different kinds of small business loans that are available to you so that you can decide which business loan will fit your needs.

SBA Microloan – For those in need of less that $25,000 to start your business then looking at a SBA mircoloan is a good place to start. These loans are designed to help get businesses off the ground or to help your business through a short downturn in profitability. It is also important to note that interest rates tend to be higher on this type of small business loan.

LowDoc – As you might expect the LowDoc small business loan requires very little paperwork. In fact, the initial application for the LowDoc small business loan consists of just one page. You can apply for a loan up to $100,000. The LowDoc loan is made on the basis of your character and personal credit so it can be helpful to those starting small businesses but lack a business credit history.

Basic 7(a) SBA loan – This type of small business loan can range up to $750,000 and is backed by the SBA but is actually issued by commercial lenders. These SBA loans are normally relatively easily to qualify since they are backed by the Small Business Administration, a government entity.

504 SBA loan – A 504 SBA loan can be acquired up to $1 million. HoweverArticle Search, the loan cannot be used to finance more than 40 percent of the business venture or project. This type of business loan is ideal for individuals who possessing strong assets and who can show the positive effect (in terms of jobs created) your business will have on the community.

Community Adjustment and Investment Programs(CAIP) – This loan program was developed to help small businesses create more jobs or prevent potential job less. The hitch is that for your application to be approved you must show that your business is in jeopardy as a result of trade changes in either Mexico or Canada.As you can see there are a variety of different options available for you business loan needs. It is up to you to do your homework and determine which small business loan is right for you. For more business advice and counsel visit

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Considerations Before Starting a Home Renovation Project


In an era where it is difficult to get a good price for your house due to the slow real estate market, many homeowners are turning to home renovation to make their existing homes more fitting to meet their needs. Before you start any project, however, you need to pay attention to several critical details.Codes and PlansHome renovation must meet the building codes in your area. Start your project with a detailed set of plans. Then, compare your plans to the local building code requirements. Even if you intend to do the project on your own, you will want to talk with an architect or remodeling contractor at this point to help you understand the codes. You can learn more about building codes at your local building authority office. They will provide you with a list of code requirements that go along with your specific project. You may need to apply for permits before you work on major systems, like plumbing and electrical. Planning a BudgetStarting a home renovation project often seems like a good idea at the beginning, but some homeowners fail to count all of the costs before they begin. This leads to projects that do not get finished, increased credit card debt, and frustration on the part of the homeowners.Before you tear down that first wall or dig the first hole for your new foundation, carefully map out the costs of your project. If you are using a professional contractor, this will be done for you when you receive your quote. If you are attempting the project yourself, use your detailed plans to figure this out, and then give yourself some additional wiggle room in your budget for the mistakes you will likely make. It is always better to plan for too much money than not enough.Choosing a ContractorMost homeowners find that they do not want to tackle their home renovation on their own. Those that do often find they need a contractor for some stages of the job, like the plumbing or electrical work. Finding a good contractor is an important part of this project.If you have friends who have done a remodel recently, ask them about their experience with their contractor. If you do not, take advantage of online review sites to find a reputable few in your area. Then, arrange for quotes from the ones you think are going to do a good job. Go with one who seems to have the knowledge and professionalism you want, but also has a decently priced quote. Remember, home renovation is a great way to improve your living space, but it should not be tackled without some careful planning. By taking the time to think through the process before you begin, you can enjoy the fruits of a remodeling project without the hassles and concerns common to homeowners starting down this road. In the end, you will be glad you did.

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“What is an Investor Ready Business Plan”

A Business Plan, as all good entrepreneurs starting out in life should know is the foundation, or rather a springboard, towards the establishment and growth of a new business. A business plan is an essential tool for companies raising capital – and your business plan needs to be Investor Ready.

What is an Investor Ready business plan?

An investor ready business plan is a document that has been professionally prepared to meet the needs of both Venture Capitalists and Angel investors. In your Business Plan, you should be able to see your own project through the investor’s eye. Your plan must be able to answer the concerns of an investor.

The investors, both VCs and angels, are risking their hard earned capital by investing in your venture in the hope of long term returns that are worth many times their original investment. An Investor Ready Business Plan demonstrates to investors that you are an expert in your industry and that you have a clear mission. An entrepreneur addresses these needs by prepareing a comprehensive and detailed view of their business objectives and goals. Some important sections that address different concerns of the investors are below:


Investors invest in management – not just ideas. It is very important that you express your knowledge, passion and dedication to your business as best as you can. The competence of your team along with their experience levels and their commitment levels are also factors that investors look into before making their investment decisions.


It is important to communicate to the investors that you understand the needs and requirements of your customers and to articulate your marketing strategy within your business plan.

Product/Service Description

A complete description of the product or the services offered by you should be outlined in detail. A description of the overall market for your product or service, along with the details of your customer base is essential. The investors need to know the reach and the kind of customers your product / service is catering to.

Marketing Plan

One of the most important sections of your business plan is your marketing plan. This section will outline your sustainable competitive advantage to your investors. In a way assure them why you will succeed where others have failed. This section is where you include a definitive description of your customers, market size, demographics, characteristics, growth prospects, trends and sales potential per product / service category.

Here is where the pricing strategies are outlined and how they can directly influence the growth potential of each product /service. It is also important to include the future growth, market share and trend influences.

Barriers to Entry

Along with giving the details of what your product / service is and who your customers are, you also have to inform your investors how you will you prevent your competitors from taking away your customers. The barriers to entry section outlines your business strategy to keep your competitors at bay and grow in the market. Investors need to feel comfortable about the soundness of your strategy before they invest in your venture.

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Advice For Hiring A Professional Painting Contractor

Copyright (c) 2008 Smoky Mountain Painting

As a professional painting contractor for more than thirty years I have heard literally hundreds of horror stories from customers about their past experience with hiring painting contractors. Some of the most common stories that I have heard include painting contractors who have obtained a down payment from the customer and never returned who were not actually painting contractors but just plain crooks, painting contractors who started the job and their work was so bad that the customer was forced to ask the contractor to leave. These are just a couple of the typical stories that I have heard and continue to hear from customers. In this article, we will look at what you can do to protect yourself when you decide to hire a painting contractor.

Although there are many places to find a quality painting contractor such as the internet, yellow pages or even the local newspaper, the best place to start is by asking friends, relatives and coworkers what painting contractors they have used in the past and ask what kind of experience they have had with a particular painting contractor. Make sure to ask if they were satisfied with their work, the price and how long it took the painting contractor to complete the job. You can also check with your local paint store and ask them for a recommendation. If you can not locate a painting contractor from any of these sources, then you can turn to your local Better Business Bureau and ask if they can provide recommendations.

To begin with ask the contractor for a certificate of insurance. Quality contracting firms will be only too happy to provide you with copies of their certificates of insurance. Not all states and municipalities require licensing however business registration with your state and municipality is generally a minimum requirement.

Get references from the contractors you’re looking at most seriously. Talk with those people honestly and openly about the services they received. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about money and service. You want to know that you are hiring a professional painting contractor who will give you a quality job at a fair price.

It is very important to get a written contract. Reputable contractors will encourage the use of a written contract. This contract should clearly explain the scope of the work to be performed. It should also cover such items as surfaces to be painted, methods and extent of surface preparation, time schedules for the project, and payment procedures. If you know the total scope of the work in writing you will be better able to determine the cost difference between different contractors. The contract protects both you and the contractor.

Other questions to ask include, how long has the contractor been in business? There is a high turnover rate in the painting industry. Be sure to hire someone who has been in business for at least five years. Ask about the experience levels of the companies workers, because there are some companies who will hire workers with little or no experience in order to save money. Also ask what preparation the painting contractor will do on your job, preparation is one of the most important steps in painting any surface. Ask the painting contractor to make recommendations on materials for the job. A professional painting contractor will be able to suggest particular paints, colors and finishes.

Next you will need to find out if a paint warranty is included? If a paint warranty was included find out the length of time that the contractor will guarantee his work. Simply stating a warranty is not enough, you must get the warranty in writing including any limitations.

Many contractors will ask for a down payment upon signing the contract. This is normally customary, however before giving a down payment make sure that you have completed checking all of your references and are that you feel completely comfortable with the contractor. Be wary of anyone who asks for a substantial down payment and never give anyone more than 20% of the price up front.

Next, take time to compare the estimates carefully. The lowest price may not be your best choice. If you find there is a wide range between the bids, ask the contractors for an explanation. Are all the contractors using the same paint and materials? The low bidder may be taking shortcuts on quality. Keep in mind, getting the lowest price should not be your first consideration. You want to get someone who is skilled, experienced, fully insured, and has an experienced crew. In the painting industry as with most other industries you will usually get what you pay for. Good professional painting contractors want your business and will provide you with insurance certificates, references, advice on colors and finishes and are polite and professional to deal with. Once you have made your selection, step back and allow the professional painting contractor to complete the project that you have hired him to do. If you want high quality and professional serviceFree Web Content, you must be willing to pay the price that comes with it.

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