Buying A Home Security System

Buying a home security system and key items you will need to consider.

Crime rates are on the rise in U.S. and some crimes include violent attacks on people inside their homes. You may ask what makes a person a victim of such attacks. People can be attacked because the thief thought you were not home and surprise him, drugs and alcohol also play a part in violent crimes by stirring up a rage like behavior. Other threats inside your home is fire and carbon monoxide poisoning and can more deadly then anything else. When buying a home security system include all the things you will need to make your home safe as possible. You will never be disappointed having protection.

If my friends had a working home security system it may have saved them the grief of losing their precious family heirlooms, valuable tools and several household items. Not to mention the emotional stress from feeling violated by the robbery. If they would have kept their system updated and done the annual maintenance they could have avoided this terrible situation. Their system was installed when they built their home in 1991 and had not done any maintenance or did they have it monitored. Simple having a home security system installed does not provide protection.

The following are devices that can add the protection you will need to feel safe in your own home.

Smoke detectors: These detectors monitor 24 hours a day every day. If you are home or away it will protect you against some one intentionally setting a fire, children playing with fire and accidental fires too. Smoke detectors that are monitored will notify the fire department. This device is not necessarily going to protect all your personal valuables but it will help save lives.

Carbon Monoxide detectors: Your home will be protected the same a smoke detector and will have benefit of protecting you and your family from a danger that you can not see or smell. These dangers can from your stove, furnace, water heaters, fireplaces and garages. Carbon Monoxide is deadly.

Burglar alarm: Install sensors that can be mounted into your doors that will alert you and your family when some tries to break in. Secure windows with glass breaking technology so an alarm will sound when glass is broken or tampered with. Don’t forget to arm garage doors and back entrances too.

Panic buttons: Most home security systems have panic or alert buttons you can activate in a moment with you believe you have an intruder in the house or you see something suspicious outside your home. You can determine different codes to input based on the situation, such as being held against your will or an intruder is present in your home.

Lighting: Criminals hate light and can be one of your best protectors, having your lights on a timer can be beneficial when you are on vacation, home alone or simply as a deterrent to criminals. It is highly recommended to include this type of device when buying a home security system.

If you have an older version of a home security system this is the time to upgrade. Wireless home security systems are now common place among home security systems and can be easily installed.

Ralph Winn. 35 years in the Security System industry. Home Security and Alarm Monitoring tips.

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