Starting A Home Based Business-Part 2

In this section we are going to be talking about web hosting and I am going to share with you the web hosting company I feel like is the easiest to use especially if you are a beginner trying to start a home based business. When I first started off I must have went to hundreds of different websites searching for hosting services for my home based business but I remembered when I use to be a office manager for a company I worked for years ago they were using Yahoo Web Hosting for their business and they never had any problems plus Yahoo’s customer support was awesome (I know cause I was the one calling them). You were able to call them about any kind of technical issues you had and they would solve them free of charge. I am not promoting Yahoo here people and believe me when I say some would frown on Yahoo’s service but from my experiences they are A+ in my book.

There is something I want to mention to you that most people do not even know about when starting off with a new website. When we discussed domain names in Starting a Home Based Business-Part 1 I forgot to share one thing to you that it is very important, at least to me it is. The company you choose for your domain name should also be the web hosting service provider. The reason why I say this is because if you purchase your domain name from one company and get your hosting service from another you will have to call them and tell the company to change your registrars or it will not work. I did this at the beginning and it was a pain to get it to work all together. What I ended up doing was going with Yahoo for both my domain name and web hosting service. They had me up and running in a little as five minutes once they received my payment. They offer your domain registration for 9.95 a year and the hosting service will cost you 11.95 month. That is what I am currently spending for my home based business website which is not bad if you are on a tight budget.

What you will need to do is go to Yahoo’s website or their home page and on the bottom or close to the bottom left hand side of the website you will see a link that will say, “Small Business”. Just below that there will be two links one of the links will say “Get a Web Site” and the other will be “Domain Names”. You want to click on domain names and begin your search for your home based business name. Remember in Part 1 I mentioned using Google’s keyword selector tool to help you find a name that would get plenty of searches across the web. Once your have found the domain name you plan on using for your business Yahoo will have you proceed to the hosting plans (just follow their easy to set up click through system). I would pick the 11.95 month plan because it comes with everything you need to get your home based business website up and running. There is no need for you to spend more than that and later on as your home based business grows you can always upgrade if needed.

This is Part 2 of many articles to come in regards to Starting a Home Based Business so please be looking for future articles when I will be writing about Web Site Design. That is the next step that needs to be taken after you get a web hosting account for your home based business.

Since Sept. 2006 I have introduced regular people to home based businesses, home business ideas, home business opportunities and much more. You’ll find everything you need to start a home based business at my site

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Tips To Set Up Your Internet Home Based Business

What are the top three things you should concern yourself about when starting an Internet home based business? Here are some tips to make it in the online business environment.

Setting up an Internet home based business is like starting an actual business. Some people may think that since a business is operated online and from home, it is a smaller-scale venture compared to real businesses. This, however, is a misconception. Some Internet home based business are even bigger and are experiencing more growth than real ones. Starting and operating an online business venture may be a bit challenging when you are new to the field and is used to the conventional business and marketing world. However, there are also many resources on the Internet that you can get your hands on in the actual setting. The difference lies on how you take advantage of these unique Internet resources and make them work for you. Here are some tips on how you can successfully set up your Internet home based business.


As in any business venture, the key to a successful Internet home based business is to plan. Set goals; determine what you want your business to achieve, and prepare concrete action plans on how you will achieve your business goals. Plan what you are going to need, in terms of investment and tools. In terms of investment, you might need to upgrade your computer for a better one, or you might need to purchase another computer to sustain your business operations. The investment requirements will differ based on the nature of your Internet home based business. In terms of tools, since there are a lot of resources available to you on the Internet, plan which resources can help your business. Do you need to set up a blog site, or join forums to advertise your site? If so, in what way should you advertise? These are just some of the things you should already lay out in detail before you even get started.


Once your Internet home based business is under way, the next thing you need to do is to advertise! There are plenty of ways to advertise on the Internet. You can set up a blog and write articles about your products. You can join forums and post website ads in various sites that your target customers often visit. You can exchange links with other sites to drive traffic to yours. You can post pictures and videos of your products on your site, your blog, and in forums. Also, master the art of search engine optimization to lure people to your website, and thus, to your product. The more visitors you get, the more potential customers you have!


Just as any actual business will not succeed without a loyal customer base, you also have to build a customer base for your Internet home based business. It is important to build a relationship with those who transact business from you. Chances are that they can even bring in more customers because of their contacts. Social networking is yet another concept that is very popular on the Web, and it will pay to take advantage of the social networking sites and communities online. There are a lot of social networking sites on the Web, such as Facebook and Myspace, which can help increase your customer base. When you have a loyal customer base, coupled with a social network that continues to bring in more and more customers, your Internet home based business will be unstoppable!

The arena where your Internet home based business will perform in may be different from the conventional marketing world, but the same rules applies. No business will be successful without careful planning, focused goals, a loyal customer base, and a source of customers. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once you put your business on the Internet, it will grow on its own. The Internet is as wide as the world we live in, and your Internet home based business will only be successful if you’re ready for a challenge.

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DEATH to Old School Home Based Business Practices – Preventing Failure By Knowing The Truth

Why do so many people fail at Home Based Businesses, Network Marketing, MLM and/or Direct Sales? In most cases, failure happens because fundamental truths or realities about what it takes to succeed are ignored or not known by the new Home Business owner.

Here’s 8 of the Big Truths or Realities that every aspiring Home Business Owner needs to know before they start their Home Business.

Why you start a Home Business will dramatically effect your success chances along with dozens of other factors, some within your control, some not. But for the purposes of this article lets assume you have found that “Can’t Miss” Opportunity; you’re excited; you’ve sent your money, here comes your millions right? Wrong!

There is much you must do to find success no matter what your background is going in to be successful. This article will explain some of the main reasons people fail. It by no means is the complete list, but be sure you understand these basics and are OK with the challenges ahead before you start that new Home Business … or don’t get started or signup!

Let’s put the TRUTH on the table … there is a very high failure rate in home businesses. Less than 2% actually find the financial freedom they seek (ie. The big money). Another 3% make some money, perhaps enough to earn a living. Everyone else strikes out.

Society looks at home business, and more in particular at Network Marketing or MLM as an almost less than noble way to earn a living. The truth is that many people have completely changed their lives in very positive ways in Network Marketing or MLM. However, the more frequent truth about MLM is that almost everyone fails.

It is the very few and highly publicized success stories (like mine) that bring people in droves looking for a low cost (low risk) path to riches. Behind every success story though is some serious work, experience, and the absence of the Failure modalities outlined herein.

The real questions is WHY do so many people not succeed? Why do so many people fail in home business?

It comes down to the fact that each and every person is different coming in. Take my case, I came to the home business arena with 17 years of mostly successful entrepreneurial experience. I negotiated deals, sweat payrolls on Fridays, traveled to get customers, lost big customers, etc. I ran the gauntlet of success long before I got in this industry.

So would it be fair to say that someone that is working at Home Depot can pull off what I did as fast as I did? Probably not? Does that mean that people without experience have no shot at success in Home Based Business? Not at all. It just means that they have obstacles to overcome which any successful entrepreneur and/or upper management individual already has overcome in their own careers and lives.

Here are 8 realities, hurdles, or obstacles that any and all successful entrepreneurs have jumped, and the reasons that so many people don’t make it in Home Based Business, Free Enterprise, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM, and even small business.

Reality #1 – Lack of Mental Toughness
Many people entering free enterprise for the first time have no-clue as to what real mental toughness is. That’s why mindset training is so important to the new Home Business owner’s success. Acquire the mindset that you are going to do whatever it takes to succeed and you are way more likely to join the ranks of the successful. In fact I would almost guarantee that you’ll make it with this key mindset element.

Reality #2 – Choosing the Wrong Sponsor / Up line / Mentor
Un-Ethical Marketers are abound. Unfortunately, many Home Business marketers see their responsibility is to simply “show” someone the opportunity and get paid for just that. Here’s the typical line “if I could show you a way to accomplish your goals would you … [pay me]” is still widely used in network marketing sales pitches. (Not by this author).

If you break that sentence down, it clearly shows that the marketer expects to get paid for “introducing” the aspiring Home Business owner to the business, and nothing more.
Because of this, be sure you are going to work with the right person with the right opportunity. Your up line/sponsor should be able to give you references of happy customers that they are working with, not just Power 3-ways with Up line Sales Masters. The secret to big success in Networking Businesses is this team building and nurturing, and the Home Based entrepreneurs that are willing to make this commitment to adequate support in training for their teams are few and far between.

Reality #3 – Unrealistic Expectations
So many new business opportunity operators have fallen for the HYPE. They believe the “perfect” scenario or something close to it is going to happen to them. They are so excited, and think as soon as they start talking to people or they get their website up, money is just around the corner. After a week or two reality sets in. Within 30 – 60 days it will hit you … your success is going to take some effort. And in most cases it’s not anything wrong with your opportunity, it’s your lack of skills, focus, and/or effort. Go look at a mirror because the problem AND the solution are looking right back at you. (ouch)

Reality #4 – Lack of Focused Effort
Many new Home Business owners fall victim to the idea that as soon as they start their home business, they can start living the lifestyle of a successful home business operator. This is a business killer for sure.

I remember coaching a young man that enrolled in a high dollar Direct Sales Program who was coming to all of the training calls, and after 2 months he still was not in profits. I asked him how much prospecting he was doing and his reply was that he gets around to it a few days a week because he was living the “life style”. I then asked him if he was already rich, to which he said no, and he was starting to get worried about the fact that no money was coming in yet. Sounds incredible, but this is a true story.

The bottom line is that starting a business, any business takes big effort. It’s like you are starting to roll a huge boulder. You’re going to push at it, pull at it, then figure out how to move it a little, then eventually get it to roll, and once it starts rolling, well it’s not so hard to keep it rolling. That is the same with a Business. It takes great commitment of time and effort to start a Home Business, especially your first. Many of the most successful people in Home Business, or any type of business really, failed several times before they got it right. It took them a while to figure out how to make the boulder roll consistently.

Reality #5 – Lack of Adequate Funding
The costs to get started in a Home Business ranges from less than $ 100 on up to $ 25,000 or more. The key phrase here is “Get Started”. Those are just the entry costs. The reality is that unless you are going to build your business with “Warm Market” (the archaic MLM practice of selling to friends and family, whether they want to be sold to or not), you are going to need consistent funding for advertising and marketing expenses. No business can make it without customers and you have to acquire them to be successful; and that will likely cost some money. In some cases thousands of dollars.

The best prospects to have are targeted prospects, like those you can generate through expensive Pay Per Click Internet Advertising. The higher the sales price of the “products” you are selling, the more money you will need for marketing. Also, the less experience in “Selling” or “People Skills” you have, the more money you will need. Under funding is the #1 reason Businesses fail across the board.

Reality #6 – Lack of Business Knowledge
This is a huge factor in the Home Business failure rate. First, many Network Marketing companies pitch their “System” and how just plugging into this “System” is going make all of this money for you. The part they leave out is that YOU are the most important part of that system. Your sales/people skills is the lubricant for the machine in the system. In fact these skills are the most important part of that “System” and your ability to generate leads is the second most important part.

Keep in mind that most Home Business operators are coming from the 9-5 paycheck on Friday mentality, and not having to learn and do every aspect of running their business. They have to get used to doing work now, and not getting paid now for it, until perhaps much later. And of course they have to make those mistakes that create lessons, important lessons in the climb to success.

If you polled successful Home Business owners, you would find that they invested heavily in their personal development and tactical skills education in order to find success. In most cases these costs dwarf the costs of the initial startup cost in the business.

Reality #7 – Lack of True Commitment to Success.
Most people that drop out of their home businesses do so within the first 90 days. It doesn’t take long before the “Honeymoon” ends and the real work starts. The 9-5 mentality employee is not accustomed to an 80 hour or more work week, the kind of commitment it takes to get a business off the ground. When you are starting something new, giving it a complete focus effort is going to greatly enhance your chances of success while you are learning. In fact if you are doing it right, you will be in a major time compression mode, at least for the first few months.

For so many though, once they see that owning a business takes serious work, many re-consider … after they have invested a handsome amount of money. Many MLM’s know this and try to plug you for your warm market or get you to upgrade to the expensive packages fast, before you are most likely to quit.

Reality #8 – Up Line Support Can Vary Drastically
Big Home Business income earners like myself have figured out that providing Fortune 500 company caliber support and training is the key to success in building a highly leveraged and high income producing organization. However, most Home Business operators have not figured this out, and rely on their company to provide all training and support. This typically leaves some vacuums in the knowledge and wisdom department adding further to the challenge of the new Home Business Operator.

In summary, Home Based Free Enterprise is on the rise, and many Great opportunities continue to immerge. The Internet has made acquiring information about scams and dis-reputable businesses easy to find. There is a very Darwinian process that goes on because of the speed of communications over the Internet.

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet though. Many posts have been placed there by competitors posing as ex-customers, trying to tear down their competition instead of building their own tower. If you are researching a particular sponsor, watch for patterns, and study testimonials.

And by all means ask for references.

So if you are contemplating starting a new Home Business, or you are already in one trying to figure things out, be sure you account for the 8 realities covered in this article. Are they they only challenges you will have? Absolutely not, but I believe they are the biggest and account for 80% of the failures of not more.

Home Based Free Enterprise is very rewarding, even if just for the education. Success will require that you take personal responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Since most people can’t or never will go borrow or risk hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a traditional business, Home Based Businesses is the only way for the masses to have even a shot at significantly improving the quality of their lives.

Is it worth the effort and risk? You have to decide that for yourself, but to this author, the rewards of success make the climb worth it.

Jim Rivas spent
17 years owning traditional businesses, mostly selling big ticket
technology solution products to Fortune 500 Companies before bursting on the Home Business Scene in late 2004. He knows the Secrets to Success. Can
you say 7 Figures per year? Jim can, and he can show you how too. Check
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What Determines a Great Home Based Business?

The Internet has brought various opportunities for making money online at home. It is now increasingly common for people to want to start a home based business and earn more money to supplement their main job’s income; or to have a better work-life balance by working from home and spending more time with family.

The internet is full of home based business ideas. Some of these ideas are proven, legitimate and profitable ways to make money. However, the Internet has also been inundated by many frauds and scams that promise people instance riches overnight. It is very important for anyone wanting to start a home based business to do their research on the opportunity before they join.

It is noteworthy that an online business is no different from any other business. You have to make the investment, in terms of time, money, effort and commitment. With any home based business idea, for it to succeed, you should be prepared to learn a lot, work hard and you must have lots of patience.

So with all these home based business ideas available online, how can you decide which one is good for you? What constitutes the best home business idea or opportunity?

1. The best home based business idea is one for which you feel the most comfortable with and are passionate about. The business idea must match your interests, so that you will enjoy working on it consistently. What are your interests? What products or services would you enjoy marketing, and be confident representing? By answering these questions, you will be able to identify what is the best home business idea for you. If you are passionate about your online business and the products or services you represent, then you will easily work hard at it, and you will easily succeed.

2. The best home based business idea must be a business that gives you a repeating income and does not rely solely on your own efforts. This is called residual income, and it means that for the effort you make today, you will continue getting paid for many years to come. Home based businesses with residual income give you any opportunity to earn money through sub-affiliates. Instead of making your online wealth from 100% of your own efforts, you can make it from 1% of 100 sub-affiliates. This means that as you continue growing your business, you will be building on the amount of money you will be earning in the future from your business.

3. The best home business idea is one which gives you multiple streams of income. Some business opportunities have multiple stream of income which allows you to earn money from various streams. An example of a good online business can be a combination of several affiliate programs which are in one ‘business opportunity package’, so that by simply promoting your business, you are growing various income streams.

4. The best home based business idea is one that gives you a secure and lasting way to earn a living online such as selling a product which you can develop or upgrade over time; or simply a business opportunity is established and stable. An online business is similar to any other business – long term security is important. It is therefore advisable that you focus on home based business ideas that have long term success potential.

5. The business must suit your skills and experience. If you start a business for which you do not have the necessary skills, then you must be prepared to work hard and learn a lot quickly; otherwise you will fail. As an example, for most people starting out to make money online, affiliate programs tend to be the easiest way to start with. They have minimal investment requirements and some very good ones come with a step-by-step guide to help you start making money with the affiliate programs. As your skills and experience develops, then you can start on other more advanced ways of making money online.

6. The best home business is one for which you can have a well executed marketing plan to grow that business opportunity. How you market any business can make or break that business, so the marketing plan you have for your business – whatever it is – and how effective that marketing plan is, will determine how good your online business will be for you. How you decide to promote what you choose to do online will make the difference. Key factors will be your marketing skills as well as your budget.

7. The best home business is one for which you will commit to work on consistently to grow it. The key to making an online business succeed is to work the opportunity every day without fail, and to stick to it. A lot of people come across good online business opportunities, but most of them quit before finding financial freedom, and they jump onto the next online business opportunity. This is mainly because the internet is full of ‘business opportunities’ some of which are scams, and also, some wealth seekers think that there are some easy and quick ways to make money online. Pick a proven online business that suits your interests and experience, focus on it long enough, do not get distracted, and you’ll make money.

While you do your search for the best home based idea, assess each opportunity using the 7 factors outline above, and you will be able to identify the best opportunity for you. A home based business idea that offer you many benefits and good potential for you to earn money is what you need to look for, and then invest your total commitment and effort to make it successful.

Recommended Web site:
Author: Daniel Millions

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8 Ways To Prevent A Home Based Business Catastrophe

Is your work at home business doing good right now? Do you depend on it, monthly? Does it generate a considerable amount of income for you? What if I said you could lose it in a blink of an eye? Far too many work at home business owners don’t realize that their work at home business is only as “stable” as the computer that they use for it. Think about it. Many people build their entire work at home business around their computer. The computer is their link to all of their websites that make them money. It is also the place where they store their business software, e-books, products, customer information etc. Take that computer away and how will YOU go on?

Many people take their computers for granted. They think it’s an absolute which will always be there for them. Many people don’t realize that all it takes for that “life line” to be cut could be a small power surge or a hard drive failure. Poof! Just like that, your work at home business can be gone! Or imagine yourself the victim of a natural disaster, like a hurricane. Could your come back and pick up from where you left off? Or will you lose everything and have to start over from scratch? What can a work at home business owner who makes a living on the internet and relies on their computer, do to make sure he or she can recover from a catastrophe? Here are a few suggestions.

1) Separate your business from your personal work..

Ideally it would be nice to have two computers, one for your personal use and one for your business use. Perhaps you can’t afford to have two computers, If so, then organize your business data separately in different folders on your computer. It can be as simple as creating a folder called “Business” and storing all relevant data and information in that folder. This will make it easy for you to locate and back up your data when needed.

2) Backup your websites.

This only applies if you have your own websites. It’s always a good idea to backup your entire website and download the “dump” onto your computer at regular intervals. Backing up your website is a time consuming process and should only be done when ever after you make a significant change to it. Obviously you need to have your own web hosting account in order to backup your site. Affiliates who promote other people’s websites cannot back up the site for obvious reasons. But even they can write down important information such as usernames and passwords along with important website addresses. Having a “hard copy” of important information is always a good idea.

3) Get your computer a surge protector

Your home business computer can easily be wiped out by a simple power surge. Protecting your computer from such a power surge is pretty easy these days. It’s also cheap. You can get yourself a surge protector from a local Radio Shack for under $ 30. The latest ones also have a built in surge protector for your phone line that stops a surge before it reaches your modem. Those of you who have dial up modems should get this upgrade.

4) Print your important documents and file them

You might have important documents such as customer details or expensive e-books on your computer. Print them out and file them neatly. Store the files in a safe place like a bank’s safety deposit box. You never know when a “hard copy” might come in handy.

5) Backup your computer on external drives

Buy two external USB Hard drives. Right now, you can get a pair of 80GB USB hard drives for under $ 150. Consider the cost as an investment and ask yourself which costs more – your business or $ 150? Once you get the two external drives back up your business data onto one of the drives regularly. If you have organized your data into a “business” folder, simply copy it onto the new drive. Make a backup of the first external hard drive onto the second one at least once a week. This ensures that you have TWO identical eternal hard drives at all times.

6) Don’t keep the backups in the same place

I’d advice you to keep the second backup hard drive in a location other than your home. For example at your bank’s safety deposit box. This ensures that, God forbid, something happens to your home, you always have another backup else where.

7) Make sure that your computer is protected from Viruses and Spyware/Adware

Having a backup is a good start but you must try to keep your computer in good working condition so that you won’t NEED to restore from a backup. Make sure your computer has a virus guard installed and that you scan for malicious adware and spyware programs. Preventing a break down is as important as having a contingency plan.

8) Use common sense

And finally, there’s no substitute for common sense. If that little voice at the back of your head tells you that the monitor is not a coffee cup holder, then listen to it. Try to prevent disasters before they happen by using common sense. It might save you a lot in the long run! There you have it. A backup plan for your online work at home business. I hope that you take heed and actually DO something about it before you end up losing your livelihood. Remember that prevention is better than “cure” and when it comes to your work at home business, I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this.

Khemal Dole owns and operates, a completely FREE service that teaches many beginners and even experts how to work at home. Sign up for his FREE 14 day Work At Home Beginner’s Course and learn how real people make money from the internet.

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Free MLM Software Scam In A Home Based Business Opportunity

You are probably sick and tired in pitching your Network Marketing opportunities to your prospects. So, it is about time you start marketing yourself in MLM. The best thing to do is to get a free MLM Software like Prosperity Central so you can grow your business with less effort is using this tool to generate leads for your home based business. I would recommend getting this Software if you want to sponsor more reps into your primary company.

Using this strategy can be an excellent tool that can benefit you that makes you to act on with very little efforts with the most cutting edge lead generation, advertise, team building, and back office tools that are generally available. It can change in which way you publicize your Multi-Level business.

So stand by to experience for yourself in the Network Marketing industry just figuring out these tools by utilizing this free MLM software towards your advantage, You definitely want to stand out of the noise and stop doing the selling strategies that are taught from your upline. However, you could be in a good position to build your business from the ground floor.

Therefore, I would recommend in trying out the free MLM software for 30 days. No need to have your credit card to sign up using this tool. The basic account doesn’t charge you a monthly fee, but you can upgrade to paid membership to either professional or premier account for a low monthly fee. If this is the right fit implementing these tools then I would encourage you to upgrade so you can grow your primary company online.

When you decided to sign up with Prosperity Central, you will have the advantage over other network marketers in the industry. It is having the capability to communicate effectively and fast. So if you are in a position to learn these tools that work for both new prospects and your own personal recruits in MLM, having this software that can get you to be one of the top producers in your primary business opportunity.

This exclusive software can give you excellent communication resources in the back office. Nonetheless, a excellent way of getting information and input in your business that you’re attempting to build online.

Since you found this essay, then you are absolutely fascinating in getting started in Network marketing business without dealing with a boss and working 9-5 until the age of Sixty five. It is alright if you haven’t got any experience in Network Marketing, and you don’t have to do it by yourself either. So the Prosperity Central basic membership in using this free MLM Software that will overcome the most frequent struggles by most marketing pros that may get you active to build a downline in Web marketing.

This is the best chance to start from ground zero in multi-level marketing and there shouldn’t be any excuses to get to start your own work at home business. It would not hurt to take a look at the Prosperity Central Software, So I inspire you to get started and be an active member today!

Danny Yoon is an Web Marketing Specialist. He trains struggling Multi-Level Marketers to Market their business on the internet. To get more details about this FREE MLM Software is to click on the link to get more details.

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How Do I Advertise My Home Based Business?

So you have a home based business, now what? Who do you get started advertising? Where do you advertise? What is your advertisement budget? There are many factors to consider. The good news is that there are many options.

Many people in network marketing advertise to their warm market (family and friends). But when you exhaust your warm market, you must rely on other forms of advertising. Many then seek out resources such as posting flyers and business cards in the local area. Others utilize advertising in local newspapers, which can be very expensive. I personally do not believe that the above resources are efficient or effective. The most effective way to advertise is to find free or low cost methods that will reach a large audience. The larger the audience, the better your results. When it comes to reaching a large audience, the internet comes to mind.

Internet advertising can be targeted to specific cities, states, or even countries. Internet advertising comes in many forms. These include, but are not limited to using traffic exchanges and pay per click advertising. Traffic Exchanges and pay per click will be explained further below. I will discuss the two most effective traffic exchanges that I have found as well as one of the most useful tools on the internet for pay per click advertising.

Traffic Exchange – List Joe

A traffic exchange website receives website submissions from network marketers or business owners. These network marketers or businss owners will then surf other member sites in the traffic exchange program to earn credits. In return, this enables their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. This increases the number of website traffic to all the sites involved.

List Joe Each is a very popular site used by many home based businesses. To open an account is free. Each new account comes with 100 free advertising credits. Your ad will not only be viewed by 100 people, it will actually be emailed to 100 people. Joining this service also directs you to join eight other list builders, which will increase your ad exposure. There are several options to upgrade to receive more advertising credits. To view details of the List Joe program go to:

Traffic Exchange – Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm is another popular website which is also free to open an account. With each new account, you are given 100 free advertising credits. Just as with List Joe, this means that your ad will be viewed by 100 people. There is an option to upgrade to receive more advertising along with many additional bonuses. To see details of Traffic Swarm visit:

Pay Per Click

Google pay per click is the most widely used pay per click resource on the internet. When someone does a search using Google as their search engine, they will use any number of key words to do their search. If your key word or phrase is used, they will be led to your advertisement. But be careful! Pay per click can be very expensive if you are new to this form of advertising. One of the best tools I have found that shows you how to run a successful Google campaign is an ebook called Google Cash. For more details on Google Cash visit:

Sandra Davidson is a home based internet marketer. To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:

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