Plumbing Repair in San Diego: Septic Tanks, Leaky Pipes, and Clogged Drains

Every homeowner at some point in his or her life requires plumbing repair in San Diego. The water works in our homes and buildings keeps us clean, comfortable, and also is a key factor in our survival as well. When something goes awry with the pipes, faucets, and sinks, it is imperative that a professional is able to act quickly and in the home owners best interest to restore things back to working order.

Septic tanks are one of the most common reasons that professionals in plumbing repair are called to San Diego homes. If you notice that every drain in your house seems to be moving much slower than they should be, youll need to check the tank and main line. Using a snake or water jetting to unclog a main line is something that professionals should be called in to do. They can safely tell you if a blockage may be caused by grease, solid wastes, or anything else. You should never try to use water jetting yourself because this usually results in a lot more damage than you started with.

In addition to checking the drains and the main line, you should check the distribution box that is located between the percolators and the septic tank because blockages commonly occur there. If you do find something that is blocking the distribution box, you can go ahead and remove any blockages that are there. Check the inlet and outlet of the tank for blockages as well. The percolators are good places to check for problems, and professionals in plumbing repair in San Diego will go there to search for issues too. If the area around the percolators is moist, soggy, or smells bad, the percolation is not in proper working order. The soil is not absorbing the drain water properly either because it is already too saturated (which signals a problem) or because there is too much drain water at one time, either of which case a plumbing repair professional should be called for. To prevent some issues, it is recommended to use filters over drains and winterizing the tank.

Clogs and leaks in plumbing systems make up another super common problem. Leaks are emergencies because they cause unsanitary water to leak back into the home or building that can cause those inside to get ill from. Not only that, but with a water leak, the water, sewer, and sanitation bills skyrocket as well. Leaks that are not addressed immediately can cause severe damage to the home and the system itself. You can close the main valve at your primary inlet to the system and look at your water meter to find out if you have a leak. This should be done at night. In the morning, before turning the water valve back on, check the meter again, and if the reading has changed youve got a leak somewhere. At this point youll need to call a San Diego plumbing repair specialist.

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