The Magical 4 Rules Strategy To Save Money While You’re Shopping

I really enjoy going for second hand shops in search of new Mid-Century treasures, really do! If you ask me, this is definitely like a scavenger search… but it also has ‘dark sides’. Quite often folks complain regarding them ‘habit’ to the local thrift markets and also them being unable to say NO to low priced purchases, really useless to them. The results of this ‘dependence’ is usually a storage room stuffed with unnecessary or unsuitable for them places Mid-Century furnishings that they afterwards decide to sell or get rid of someway. There are some interesting points about them ‘impulse’ thrift purchases: 1. The money used over a year on not-so-important objects might have been spent for something a lot more important or essential. 2. Almost all this buying required them to redesign their homes every time to find a place for everything they bought. Really feel for them! Then I thought to myself: “You really enjoy thrifting as much as they do. Why then don’t you share your suggested solutions to this impulse-buying addiction ?”

The Way I ended losing money and started saving for the things I seriously wanted: a teak wood sideboard. Firstly, eachtime I visit a thrift shop I allow myself a budget: fifty euro. Up to you how much money you would like to spend every single time, I generally use 50 euro and it does work. I learnt the fact that much more permissive you are with yourself, more complicated it will be to stick within the magical four principles following. The magical 4 guidelines to spend less while you are thrifting:

1. I go in the end. This is especially true with regards to flea markets. Going – say – approximately 60 minutes before the closing time, you’ll have much more possibilities to buy what you look for at the price you prefer it…I call it the ‘Critical Seller Hour’. Over the final hour, most sellers should conclude the largest amount of sales possible and this means that they will probably be more open to negotiations and price cuts than they are usually at the start of the day; it’s natural…otherwise they probably would not have a lucrative day!

2. I avoid taking the car. Yes, I am aware that this can come as a shock for many of you. If you go by public transportation or on your motorcycle, or even if you share the car with another person who really wants to thrift together with you, you will not have enough space to carry crappy objects and you will be forced to select ! Ok…you might be asking yourself…and what if I find that fantastic object I’ve been hunting for a long time, then I could not buy it! Of course you can, you can always leave a deposit and come back later on with your car.

3. I have a ‘thinking walk’ before buying. If I find an item I love, I go for a walk before I ask for the cost…Going around and having time to think it over can be like counting until ten before saying something.

While I am having my ‘thinking walk’, I usually ask myself: 1. Do I Really Need This? 2. Where Would I Place It At Home? Having a walk around also helps to find out the medium cost for that sort of object and be sure that the one you spotted is not over-priced; it happens very often!

4. I never say OK I BUY IT. When you are absolutely convinced that you truly would like that object, that you’ve the right corner for it and that it doesn’t cost too much compared to others in the market: go for it but don’t buy it! Check my Resource Box to learn more about this strategy.

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